By directly interrogating brain circuits, our research aims to understand their basic operations, and correct their misbehavior in devastating human conditions.


Dr. Michael Halassa and scientists have been featured in several published articles in their attempt to unlock treatments for autism and schizophrenia.


Meet our team of passionate scientists, fellows, researchers, and assistants, led by principal investigator and neuroscientist, Dr. Michael Halassa.

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Paper Published in Frontiers in Neural Circuits

Sage and Ralf's paper is published in Frontiers in neural circuits. In this paper we analyzed a previously collected dataset (from Halassa et al., 2014 Cell) and found some interesting parallels between sensory TRN activity patterns in sleep and wake. In doing so, we...

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First paper from the lab is published in Nature

Ralf and Ian's paper is published in Nature. In this study, we developed a task that divided attention between the vision and audition in the freely behaving mouse. This was a context-dependent, trial-by-trial sensory selection task, in which mice required prefrontal...

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