Positions Available

Postdoctoral positions, graduate students, undergraduate students, high school students
Postdoctoral Positions

We are looking to hire motivated postdoctoral fellows to investigate circuit and computational principles underlying cognitive control and flexibility. Two types of positions are available.

1. Experimental: This position will combine quantitative and parametric behavior with multi-electrode recordings in freely behaving or headfixed animals (mice, tree shrews and/or marmosets) to understand the neural implementation of cognitive processes such as attentional control, working memory in the context of hierarchical decision making. The position will involve building behavioral models as a way to analyze neural data on a single trial basis. A strong quantitative background and experience in electrophysiology is required.

2. Theoretical: This position will involve building neural models that can compress our understanding of neural data and predict new experiments accordingly. This is a flexible position that will involve collaboration with multiple people at MIT and beyond. Experience with machine learning tools is a plus, but a strong theoretical background is a requirement.

Interested applicants should contact Mike Halassa at mhalassa@mit.edu, and include their current CV, personal statement and contact information for 3 referees.

Graduate Students
MIT graduate students interested in rotating should contact Mike Halassa. Other students will need to apply to the MIT graduate program. More information about this process can be found by clicking Here.
Undergraduate Students
Interested students can feel free to get in touch with Mike and cc the postdoc/graduate student whose work they are most interested in. Please write a research statement describing your interest and a plan of what you intend to do over the academic semester you intend to work in the lab. Generic emails will not be answered.
High School Students
We have had a few amazing high school students come through the lab and are very open to having them work with us. Interested students should follow the same steps as undergraduates above.