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Thalamic Inhibition

Allen Institute for Brain Science – Showcase 2015: Michael Halassa, Ph.D., Next Generation Leader, Thalamic inhibition as a mechanism for attentional allocation.

Understanding Thalamic Function

Michael Halassa has illuminated how the brain filters sensory noise and sustains attention. By making mice a viable model for cognitive neuroscience, Halassa has probed aspects of attention and perception that have long eluded mechanistic study.

How does the thalamic reticular nucleus gate interactions between the neocortex and thalamus?
Techniques used: Adjustable multi-electrode recordings in freely behaving mice, cognitive tasks, computational methods, optogenetics and chemical genetics.
How does the brain continue to sample the world during sleep?
Techniques used: Combined causal manipulations and in vivo physiology.
How are thalamo-cortical interactions disrupted in schizophrenia and related disorders?
Techniques used: disease models with in-vivo and slice physiology.