Postdoctoral Associate

Ray Lee

Ray is a postdoctoral fellow who is working on the intersection between neuroscience and the philosophy of mind. Before MIT, Ray completed Ph.D. studies with Prof. Bernd Kuhn and Prof. Greg Stephens at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, studying neuronal population dynamics that yield spontaneous behaviors and socially induced stress development in mice.  Before then, Ray did B.S. and M.S. with Prof. Chen-Tung Yen at National Taiwan University, studying adjustments of cerebellar sensory responses to active and passive motions in rats and the related neuronal projecting organizations.  In the meanwhile, Ray examined neurotransmitter modulations in the dorsal raphé nucleus for controlling mouse aggressive behaviors, with Prof. Tsuyoshi Koide and Dr. Aki Takahashi in National Institute of Genetics.  Ray is broadly interested in science, philosophy, arts, and traveling.  Ray’s ultimate goal is to approach neural theories that explain behaviors and phenomenology of a conscious agent..


Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences
43 Vassar St
Cambridge, MA 02139


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